It’s Here : Steam Client & Free Portal for Mac / Win!

Well it has arrived. After much wait (last 3 weeks most people knew it looks like the windows version) it has arrived. All you 100% mac hate windows with a passion people can actually game. I mean like, real gaming…

For the fun of it I went ahead and set my OSX side to the same graphic options as my Windows side. Here we go, my take :

1. OpenGL isn’t as polished as DirectX. Now I super wish this wasn’t the case, but OpenGL hasn’t been mainstream since Voodoo cards died. Also, DirectX had a company called Microsoft making what it is today. In Portal the textures and sprites just don’t “pop”. They are bland, but you can’t fault OpenGL development via community vs. private DirectX & $$$,$$$,$$$. I still love OpenGL for that “Open” part.

2. Same settings on both operating systems and OSX is a bit sluggish. In these simple net graph tests it loves to lock to either 60fps or 30fps. This worries me as it can be a sign of software rendering. All my drivers mac side are up to date. Now the layers of like core image, video, etc; They like to make things fluid no matter the situation. This might explain the ZERO 31-59fps holding fps transition in-between the game.

All in all this is a great step. Apple has adopted Intel’s and Nvidia’s guts, and those guts have been doing gaming way over a decade.  Note I am on 10.6.2 and been lazy to do 10.6.3. Steam warned me of this before playing, but I didn’t see news of an update to video drivers or the OpenGL library. I doubt this had much to do with my review, if I am wrong please comment. Also my computer specs are around here. 😉

**Update: One plus for the OSX(mac) side. I remember portal for windows on the first load of new levels took a bit of time. On the mac it was a snap. I do believe the HFS+ over NTFS format helps in this regard.


~ by Bradley Winter on May 12, 2010.

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