About Mister Brad

Posting link to more pics and such: Making a WordPress Comeback!

Allo allo! My name is Bradley Winter and i’m 23 24 years old. I am really into computers and love to program COCOA for OS X. I just built a quad core Q6600 with all the fixins.

Full specs on it for the nerds:
ASUS P5W DH Deluxe housing a quad core Q6600 2.4ghz Intel.
4GB of DDR 800mhz. Switch to 2×2 when needed.
2x 80GB Raptor SATA 10k RPM Raid 0.
eVGA NVIDIA 8600 GTS 256MB PCIe. (Not much of a gamer, programmer)

I also am into my car a 67 mustang witch took me a good amount of time and money to restore. I just recently got Sirius satellite radio to listen to Howard Stern going to school and my days off.

I use to run Sector54.Com (my old prank call site) with an iron fist and while it turned out great in hits and fun, it was too taxing. I will post here when I remember. If you need to get ahold of me email me at: bradleywinter@gmail.com



2 Responses to “About Mister Brad”

  1. did you ever get my message? I miss you mucho!


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