The Sharks Win, The Sharks Win!!! Conference Finals Ahead!

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Really Cool Song Based on “UP” : Upular

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I made a comment to get an instrumental version. Still kicks @$$.

Good Beer & a Great Game HOWTO

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Hello all. Well I just got done watching the San Jose Sharks beat the Detroit Red Wings in overtime. This puts the Sharks 3-0 in the series, with one more win and they go to the conference finals before the Stanley cup! So this is how I enjoyed my game:

These are the two places I find the game. Sopcast &
If you google some you can find listing websites & forums. 🙂

Fat Tire is a great beer. It can have a discerning taste to some.
I like it at times when like a bud light isn’t enough taste,
or getting a bit tired of Guinness.

My iPhone app to watch stats at any time.
Also use it to monitor other games.

I Think This JAVA is Making me Something Something…

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Working on a semi big HW assignment. I am going bonkers! Ohh well here is a code snippet for fun!

A Fun Laid Back Sunday

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My dad, uncle, and I went to a car show and checked out my uncles’ home improvements. The car show was at the new 99 speedway. Only cost $5 to get it, was a bit small, but for it being a first time them doing this I found it fun. How casual it was will surely make it a bigger venue. Later that day we checked out my uncle’s house and the work he has been doing. The main area is his porch so him & fatcha can relax in a nice backyard area. Check it out!

Live in This Area Shown Below?? Say Hi to Tap E.coli!!!

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Well we just learned our tap water is having a e.coli contamination. This is so ridicouls, thankfully one of our family members heard the news. We have not been told personally. This affects about 3,500 stockton residents. Send your comments. I just did a quick trace so people can see the affected area:

Don't Drink Inside This Box. Lame.

Leaking Radiator at SMF? Call in the Calvary!

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I went to Sacramento International Airport to pick up my mom and her sister. They went to Laughlin, NV for four days. Not knowing of a free parking area, I stopped at the airports gas station. About 10 min in I hear a sheriff and she is looking over a car. Come to find out this guy’s radiator busted. So Instead of pushing the car out of the way and using like sawdust to clean up the spill, answer? Lets call out another patrol unit, the sacramento airport fire truck, a fire captain, and at one point a firefighter water tanker!! This poor sap is probably going to pay for this, and his car wasn’t on fire or anything. I was laughing so hard… Here is some pictures:

Leaking Anti-Freeze? Call in the Fire Brigade

We may Have This Under Control now

On the way back we stopped at an old sacramento resturant called “Fanny Anns”. It’s a pretty cool place, but they use the stuff all over the place to excuse a bit of cleaning. Let’s say they use some dust to sell the old look.. They had good food though. Having half a sourdough burger, fries, and salad i’m good  to go son!

Nice Little Corner Arcade Area

Floating Carriage 3rd Floor

Cement Bust Guarding Bud Light 2nd Floor

Fanny Anns @ Old Sacramento